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Dryer stop mid cycle

Hi All,

My GE dryer (model pfds450el2ww) has been stopping mid-cycle after running for maybe 25-30 minutes or so. It just beeps once and then stops. After waiting several minutes it will allow me to finish the cycle. Lint trap and vent are both clean. Would appreciate any guidance on how to troubleshoot. Maybe a thermal switch is being hit?


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Check that the hi-limit thermostat is OK.

The supplier linked above was only to show the location of the part, its possible cost and the manufacturer’s part number.

If the thermostat is faulty search online for WE4M137 to find suppliers that suit you.

GE High Limit Thermostat - WE4M137 Изображение


GE High Limit Thermostat - WE4M137


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