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iPod Not powering on

So I’ve got an iPod Touch 5th generation it needs to be on charge to work . But it’s stuck in a endless boot loop. When it is connected to a wall out let I am able to put it in recovery mode but when I connect it to my laptop it doesn’t even go on. I have 2 laptops one is on Windows 10 and the other is on Windows 11 but it doesn’t go on on either.

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I think your battery needs replaced

However if you provide me with any other info I could help better diagnose the


If it is the battery here is a video showing how to do it https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=k7EKvqV5NK...


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@HelloMacOs I know it needs a new battery but I can put it in recover mode while it’s connected to the wall outlet but when I connect it to my laptop it does not power on


@fatima mohamed


Sorry about the delayed reply

I didn’t get a notification

To ensure I get a notification hover after one of my comments and click on reply:-)

Here’s how to put a iPod in recover mode:-)



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