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Released in January of 2021. Identified by model numbers SM-G996B, SM-G996B/DS, SM-G996U, SM-G996U1, SM-G996W, SM-G996N and SM-G9960.

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Why is my phone working slower and not connected to the internet

If i have full service i still have trouble connecting to the internet or phone is just running slow.

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Some things to try to resolve the problem:

i). Wipe the cache partition and check if it then works OK.

ii). Try using the phone in safe mode and check.

If it does then a downloaded app is the cause of the problem. You will need to uninstall each downloaded app one by one and test the phone in normal mode between each uninstall to see if the phone works OK. When it does, the last downloaded app that was uninstalled was the culprit. A downloaded app is one that you downloaded and installed on the phone and wasn’t pre-installed on the phone when you first got it.

iii). Factory reset the device and then check. Take notice of the Caution message at the top of the page in the link

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