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Released Late August of 2021 Made By Samsung MSRP: 160$ CAN

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Tear down change battery

replace battery on Samsung Galaxy A03s

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Are you asking for instructions, where to get it done, where to get parts, etc? There is no context to this post.



It's a reasonable question as on this forum not everyone has English as their 1st language so you have to allow for that.


@jayeff But still, there is nothing wrong with asking for some context, as I have no way to answer this question otherwise.



fair enough -see my answer below



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Since the phone is a recent release there’s not much repair information online yet, to help you.

The best that I could find is a teardown video that doesn’t quite get as far as removing the battery but maybe it is still useful.

Replacement batteries should be able to be found by searching online for the battery model number that is printed on the battery in the phone.

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