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Repair information for Lenovo Thinkpad Yoga 2013

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Lenovo Yoga 7i 15.6inch, touch pad rattle

The Touchpad of my new Lenovo Yoga 7i 15.6inch laptop rattles when lightly tapped (not click) around the lower right corner..... Appreciate if a mod can be posted for removing this touchpad rattle.

Update (04/01/2022)

Model Number : Yoga 7 15ITL5

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Hi @ydb ,

If it is less than 12 months old, get it fixed under the manufacturer's warranty. Consult the documentation that came with the laptop about obtaining a manufacturer's warranty repair.

If you open the laptop yourself to fix the problem or get an unauthorized repairer to do it, you will void the warranty which you may need to use later on, (hopefully not), before the warranty expires,

What is the full model number of the laptop as shown on the information label on the bottom of the laptop?

If you want to do it yourself and don't mind voiding the warranty, knowing the full model number will help to find the hardware maintenance manual for the laptop so that it can be correctly and safely dis-assembled and the mounting of the touchpad in the top cover assembly checked to make sure it is fitted properly.

Update (04/01/2022)

Hi @ydb

Here's the hardware maintenance manual for the laptop.

Go to p.65 to view the necessary pre-requisite steps to remove the upper case (with keyboard, touchpad and fingerprint board).

It seems that you have to nearly completely dis-assemble the laptop to get to the touch pad.

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Thank you very much for the info and your prompt response


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Hi Yatin,

Follow what @jayeff said (He's a genius). As far as what i can say, I would recommend getting an ifixit kit as i'm 99.5% sure that is uses torx T4/5 on the bottom (I have a lenovo S730 that uses torx T4/5). Hopefully u can get this all fixed as lenovo's are relatively repairable (Compared to the literal 4 macbooks i have at my place). THis is a bit odd as i know that certain pre production models of the XPS 15 had this issue. To date i haven't heard of it on any other laptop.

Hope u get this fixed,

Nck P


From Sunday Aus to Friday AUS, i will be unavailable as i am camping then.

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