Vizio TV no power/standby light

Vizio Model # D48f-E0

Main board # 3648-0262-0150(4C)

Hello, I have a Vizio TV with seemingly no power, i.e. the power/standby light does not illuminate. The main fuse is good. FU1 is good. The bridge rectifier is getting power, and has an output of ~160VDC. I have no DC voltage at JD4 other than mv. All voltages checked with reference to BD501 negative terminal. I'm not going to get into component level repair. Too much SMD, and my eyes are not so good. I don't see a separate power board. Are there any other points I should check before ordering a main board?

Thank you.

Model # D48f-E0

Main board # 3648-0262-0150(4C)

P.S. I didn't want to start a new thread, I was hoping that this model was close enough to the 50".

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Can you take a picture of the power supply board and upload it here? Adding images to an existing question


Hi @andrewsawesome

As mentioned by the OP and as seen in an image of the mainboard online, the "power board" is incorporated in the mainboard.

AC In is located at middle on left side of board in image.

My eyes are no good and the image blurs when zoomed in but I can't see any obvious ref points i.e. STBY etc near to the dividing line between the hot and cold side of the board, although it could be further in as it is the one board.

There's a big arrow on the top right side of the board but I can't make out what it says, maybe you can ;-)



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