Pixel 2 secure screen connection

I had stepped on and shattered my screen. It worked fine for weeks. It was just ugly. When removing the screen to replace it, the ribbon, bracket, and 2 screws just sprung out. There may have also been a pick in there but I could not tell if it was one of my own that fell into the housing. I had the screen professionally changed in the past.

I found reattaching the ribbon to be very difficult. It never really "snapped" into the motherboard. The screen ribbon would act as a cantilever and pop out of the recessed connection. I had to hold the connector in place while I screwed in the bracket and hope for the best. It worked for a while but now I get a pixelated screen when coming off of sleep mode. it goes away when I press on the left middle side of the screen about where the ribbon-motherboard connection is. The phone will register touches but the screen will be frozen until that area is pressed again.

Are there any tips on maintaining a good screen connection on this device? Maybe the pick was left in the housing previously for this reason?

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