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help did I get scammed?

So i bought this thinking i could fix one of my other ones,

Anyway when it arrived, i plugged it in and nothing,

I thought something was unplugged inside, so I took it Apart nothing was unplugged,

So i tried the keyboard on one of my other laptops, still nothing Nothing

What the heck is going on?


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What does the onboard battery checker tell you?


@danj - By nothing i mean it does nothing at all (black screen, no lights, no fan speed)


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There is a onboard battery checker within the battery. locate the LED's and the small button on the battery. What do you get?

Block Image

The charger plug also has a Green or Amber lit collar. Is it lit and what is the color?

If both are dead then you will need to get replacements to check things.

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I got no battery,

The charger has a green light


@beanman56 - OK, this series needs a battery to run. I would also replace the PRAM battery MacBook Pro 15" Core 2 Duo Models A1226 and A1260 PRAM Battery Replacement But how much are you willing to put into this system? What is your expectation?


@danj - A decent macbook for media,

Also i like the keyboard design,

Would a 2007 macbook (NOT PRO) battery work?

idc if the matches


@danj - where can i get one for a cheap price?


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