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Repair information for Asus G Series laptops.

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How do I get my computer to boot up?

I have an Asus GL5307 when I plug my laptop in the keyboard immediately lights up but I don’t hear any motors running and nothing I have tried works which it reseating the ram and holding the power button. Are there any other suggestions??

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Do you know what happened to it last time you used it?


No, I’m going to replace the power supply and see where it goes from there. When I plug it in the keyboard lights immediately come on but the light to let you know it’s plugged in aren’t working.


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What does it do when you press the power button while it is plugged into the charger?

Have you taken a multimeter to the different parts of the charger to make sure that the current is passing the way it should be? It would be worth looking at before you tear it apart.


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The battery light isn’t on, I got a new charger and nothing is happening the keyboard is backlit blue and the power button is red. When I close the laptop the keyboard stays lit. Pressing the power button doesn’t do anything.


As soon as I remove the power chord the keyboard goes black and the power button is no longer lit up as well


@ironwoman057 Is there any noise coming from the computer?


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