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Released by Lenovo in October 2015. Identified by model number ZA0H0022US.

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L16D3K31 battery ribbon cable replacement?

Hi, when taking out the battery I realized broken traces in the inner bend of the ribbon cable. I am not skilled enougth to repair this kind of damage. I have to find a replacement cable, since batteries are sold out in the whole world. Does anyone know it the connector is used in a different device? Battery is L16D3K31

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Hi @beme77

What is the full model number of the tablet?

According to the hardware maintenance manual found on this support page for a YOGA TAB 3 10'' Tablet (YT3-X50F, YT3-X50L, YT3-X50M) there is no separate part number for the battery cable so it may be integral to the battery itself.

The part number for a battery pack is 5B18C03587 (see p.30 Item #3). When searching for that number you get results for L15C3K32, L15D3K32 batteries (which show the cable attached) and not the battery model number you quoted.

Just thought you may get results for suppliers of the battery if you search for the Lenovo battery part number instead of the battery model number printed on the battery. This usually works if the same battery is used in different models and is advertised by the Lenovo part number by the supplier and not the battery model number.

Search online for Lenovo (insert full model number of tablet) manual to find the Lenovo support page which has the hardware maintenance manual for your particular model variant to find the Lenovo part number for the battery

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Hi, thanks for your useful links. The actual part number is 5B18C06589 for the Plus version of the tablet YT-703f. But there is also no extra part number for the cable of this battery. And there are no hits for this search either. But the try was still worth it, so thanks anyway!

Another story of perfect engineering work: the product has to survive not more than five years. Once lifetime is over it must not be repaired!


Hi @beme77

You may have to contact an electronics or mobile phone repair service which does micro-soldering and ask if they can repair the flex cable.


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