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Model A1136 / 30, 60, or 80 GB hard drive / black or white plastic front

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iPod turns on, goes to Apple logo, then cuts off

I turn my iPod on and I hear some odd clicking noises and then screen comes on and shows the Apple logo. I wait a couple seconds, then it cuts off and the hard drive spins down. I've done this many times with the same results. I tried diagnostic mode, but before it even finishes the first test, it cuts off. I suspect it's either the logic board or hard drive, but I'm not sure which. Can someone help?

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Philip Stripling, try to place your iPod in Disk mode. Check on here for instructions. You may have to try a few times. Once you are in disk mode, see if you can access the HDD. If you can not get it in disk mode or if your iPod shuts off, I am certain that you are looking toward a new logic board. The other way to access your drive, and ultimately determine if it is the drive or the board that needs replacing, is by removing the HDD and connecting it to your computer via USB-to-Zif connector ($5 on ebay) Neither one of those repairs is very difficult or expensive, parts are readily available. Hope this helps, good luck.

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Dear Mr. Phillip Stripling;

I had a same issue that you wrote.

If you use a Mac, try to Disk mode and connnect to your Mac.

And start "Disc Utility" in application folder.

Then You can choice your iPod at application, choice "ERASE" at application.

Also I recomend to remove check box at "Mac OS9 start up".

It has checked at start.

It could be reformat your iPod's HDD, so all music and movie and photo data would

be erase.

I have tryed 3times, and my iPod was resumed and now works well.

Hope this advice will help you. Good luck.

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My ipod 5th gen turns on to my home screen then it flicks off to the apple logo how do I fix it ?

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iPod 5th gen Video, Touch, Nano? Just to clarify....


IPod 5 Generation my home screen pop up then it turns off to the apple logo


The new generation


iPod Touch 5th gen?


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Posting this as a reference: I was having this issue while attempting to power an iPod from an alternative power source by directly powering it via the battery connector (since I have a dead battery for now) and it was driving me crazy thinking I damaged some circuitry. The iPod will do that if it detects under-voltage (even if minimal, since it expects to be run from a Lithium battery). So make sure your supply is providing 3.7V *under load*.

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