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Samsung Galaxy S7 (SM-G930, SM-G935) — смартфон седьмого поколения линейки Galaxy S, анонсированный компанией Samsung Electronics 21 февраля 2016 года на MWC в Барселоне[

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S7 Edge home button wrong part

I ordered a home button part from IFixit, but the given item is completely different to the one shown on the image, and does not reach. I can't get in contact with them for support. Any suggestions?

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@blaketech keep trying all the different ways listed on here https://help.ifixit.com/collection/130-c... I'll leave this question here instead of moving it to Meta so that you can easily find it. We'll let the iFixit staff know so they can get customer service to help you out. You know they are going to make it right :-)

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My thanks. If the question fits meta more, that's fine, you can move it there instead. I've tried to call them, but it just kept going to "voicemail" -like. I'll try and email them instead.


For future context, the one they sent me looks more like the regular S7 home button rather than the S7 Edge home button, so I suspect someone there has put the wrong labels on the parts.


@blaketech , our apologies, we're looking into this now. I'll be on contact shortly with a solution.


@krisrodriguez Thank you Ma'am, you are awesome!


@oldturkey03 , I'll accept Czarina :) It takes me back to the old days when we were just getting to know one another. You're a gem! Thank you for getting to this quickly.


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