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Guides for the cellular (LTE) version of the iPad mini 5—model A2126. Released in March 2019, the iPad mini 5 is the successor to the iPad mini 4.

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How to restore full functionality of replacement screen?

iPad mini 5th Generation (2019) Repair

Hi everyone!

A few days ago, I came across a listing on eBay which I won. It was an iPad mini 5 64GB 4G, not icloud locked. The only problem was the LCD is damaged.

Even though I am planning to use this as a secondary iPad when on the go, I still want it to function close to a 100%. Which is why I was hesitant to purchase any 3rd party screens due to bad experiences with the quality. Now I know I might have just purchased a bad quality one with my previous repair (ipx) and I do recognize that there are a lot of premium or better quality screens out there but I dont want to take the risk considering the difference in price was minimal.

I then came across a post selling a MINT CONDITION but ICLOUD LOCKED iPad mini 5 , and I thought of using this as the replacement screen, now I have a few questions that I would appreciate any help.

Question 1:

The original screens come with a magnetic sensor near the home button that needs soldering, but in this case when I am gonna be using the screen taken out from another ipad, can i just use the magnetic sensor that comes with the new screen?

Question 2:

This might be a no brainer but please spare a n00b here :(( I just need confirmation that in order to retain touch id functionality, I would have to transfer the home button to the replacement screen right?

Question 3:

Ive read that replacement screens have issues with true tone, do i need to reprogram the screen with the old serial number to retain this functionality? If so, what device is used since a lot of the device ive seen online only support iphones?

Question 4:

And lastly, I dont know if this will violate any rules but can iCloud bypass be done on the a12 chips including the ipad mini 5? I read that only a11 are supported :(

I hope this post does not offend anyone, I am really just seeking for advice, any help on how to do the repair is also appreciated! Cheers!

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Question 1: = Yes

Question 2: = Yes

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