Intermittant Remote Locking Problem

Hi Guys

Having an issue with the key or car not sure which.

The car is usually faultless but over the last day, the key remote will not open the car every time. Sometimes if I hold the remote close to the car windscreen I will get an occasional door lock to work. Have changed batteries twice and the small orange LED on the key lights up when I push a button. I have tried to find the right fuse and have checked many and all appear to be OK. Would I be correct to think it might be the receiver in the car rather than the key? Have used the car today and no problems

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Sometimes a well used remote needs a little tl- cleaning the brass colored contacts when the remote is opened. The rubber membrane is separated from the circuit board to reveal the brass colored contacts. Some rubbing alcohol and a cotton swab should clean off any debris. Reassemble and try it. If you have a spare remote, use it for comparison.


My thoughts were if the orange led comes on when a button is pressed there are no continuity problems with the key the issue may be in the car


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