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Tv screen small crack

I have a 55inch qled Samsung tv that has a small crack in how would it cost to repair

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Unfortunately cracked TV panels cannot be repaired, the panel would have to be replaced.

This problem with this is sourcing a replacement panel.

Disconnect the power to the TV and remove the back cover and locate the make and model number of the TV panel on the back of the panel. Use that information to search online for a replacement. If you do manage to find one, don't be surprised if the panel costs nearly half as much as a new TV.

So it may depend on how bad the crack is and how badly it interferes with the picture, whether to put up with it as is, to try and find a replacement or perhaps an option to consider is to advertise the TV as faulty screen, good for parts to try and recoup some of the cost towards a new TV. Working TV boards are always in demand.

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