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Damaged micro RF coaxial sockets on wireless module

I have an HP Spectre 13-4002dx laptop. The bottom of the case was bulging so I opened it up and removed th swollen battery. putting it back together I noticed the micro RF antenna connectors had popped off the wireless module. I am not able to get them back on, rather, I can but they do not stay. Looking at the sockets on the wireless module they seem beat up. Rather than purchase a new wireless module (and perhaps antenna cable), could I use an electrically conductive adhesive to attach the cables without affecting wireless performance?

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Hi @gpag ,

It would be very difficult to do this as the antenna is actually two wires, an inner conductor surrounded by a shield wire or braided wire.

You would have to be able to solder the inner conductor of the antenna cable to the inner connecting pin of the coax connector and the outer wire or braid to the outer ring connector of the coax connector without creating a short circuit between the two or by applying too much heat and lifting off the connector from the board. (see image of connector

Block Image

(click on image to enlarge)

Conductive adhesive might not be suitable as it may not give a low enough impedance (AC resistance) connection. You may find that the signal loss of the joined connection is too great. You're dealing with very weak (electrically speaking) high frequency radio signals, which haven't been amplified yet. The only gain is what is produced by the antenna and you don't want to reduce that in any way.

Just my view.

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Would Ibe able to switch to a usb wireless adapter for wireless connectivity?



Yes, not a problem.

Just less convenient that's all as you have to remember to have it with you if you're on the move with the laptop.


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