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Released April 2019, identified by model numbers SM-A205F/DS, G, G/DS, GN, GN/DS, U, U1, W, YN.

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Constant overheating when idle

My Samsung Galaxy A20 has had constant overheating issues recently. It will normally be idling or undergoing light use before closing all apps and then shutting off due to overheating. It happens multiple times per day and will occasionally have no issues some days. The thing is that sometimes the phone is genuinely cold prior to shutting down due to overheating. The only way to turn the phone back on is by entering recovery mode and booting the device from there, and then it will be fine for a few hours before encountering overheating issues again. I have a feeling that it may be an issue with the thermal sensor but I am not sure. Does anyone have any suggestions or have encountered this issue before?

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Did you try to reset your phone? Any hidden app or malware running in the background might be possible.


The issues continue to arise in safe mode and I have no plans of performing a factory reset on the device. Others who have had similar/identical issues that have performed a factory reset continue to have overheating errors. I ended up removing the thermal sensor and that solved my issues. Thank you for your comment.


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Ok, so I ended up following the advice found in this thread: A50 won't charage or turn on - Overheating icon

The issues I had were identical to this person and I performed the fix by removing the three small PCB components. Additionally, my ability to charge the phone had not been impacted. However, you can easily find a replacement charging port PCB on Amazon for cheap.

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