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Originally released in 2006, the NeatDesk is a desktop document scanner with ADF and full-duplex features. The early revision has model number "ADF-070108" and the newer revision is model "ND-1000."

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Does this scanner store information from documents previously scanned?

Does the NeatDesk store info from scanned documents? And if yes, is there a way to wipe the memory? So I can donate the scanner.

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Hi @michelledee

Looking at the The Neat Company Desktop Scanner User Manual on p.1 under the section Getting Started: What do I need to know? it states in part that "It scans, analyzes and organizes your paper and stores it all in a data base on your computer".

There should be nothing that has been scanned stored in the scanner itself.

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thanks much! ;)


Nice info, guys!


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