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Smaller, thinner, quieter model of the Playstation 2 (SCPH-700xx) released by Sony in September, 2004.

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Disc not spinning up

I recently bought a “for parts” ps2 slim on eBay that powered on but wouldn’t read discs. I figured it was an issue with the optical drive, so I tried reseating all of the ribbon cables and after pressing down both lid switches the laser started moving and focusing. I tested with a CD in and the motor wouldn’t spin, so I replaced the spindle motor with a new one. Same result. I then tried replacing the laser (and removing the solder joint) thinking maybe it couldn’t read the disk, but still the same result.

I’ve tested the fuses and PS13 seems to have a pretty high resistance of around 9 MOhms, while the others have less than 1 ohm. So I’m thinking about replacing that fuse. Is there anything else I can look for that might be keeping the motor from spinning? I’m having trouble finding any diagrams of this board.

Model number: SCPH-75001

Board version: GH-037-11

Thanks in advance!

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From what you have said it sounds like it’s time for a new disk drive

Since you replace most parts that rules out a lot of things so I would try a new or different disk drive

If a new disk drive doesn’t work I would try measuring around to check voltages ,just to see what’s happening on the board level

Hopefully this helps

Any questions please ask


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My PS2 Slim SCPH-77001 is not spinning at all. When I close the lid it says "reading disc" for a second but then it just stops and the disc just simply won't spin. I already pushed both sensors with a disc inside and it just won't spin. Although the laser does moves but only when press the back sensor, but it doesn't light up at all. Since my laser moves like it normally does but it doesn't light up a red/blue color or anything, do you think the laser is the problem? I had to change a laser because the old one was not reading anything dvd silver games and I just remove the blob from the new laser.. what do I do?

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