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The Samsung Galaxy A72 is a midrange USB-C smartphone released in March 2021. It offers a 90Hz Super AMOLED screen, a Snapdragon 720G chipset, and 6-8 GB RAM.

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Samsung A72 Black Screen

So I make it clear and short.

My screen broke after I dropped my phone, I changed the screen and everything was fine at first. When I put the cover the screen started going black (touch and everything works fine though).

I got rid of the case after the service shop said there is no problem with the new screen. I noticed that when a certain area was pressed the screen went off (added a photo for illustration)...to turn it on I had to press power button couple of times. Until it just stopped turning on.

I sent to that same service shop they changed the screen but it would turn on again.

Phone still vibrates and everything its just the screen. Any idea what it could be??

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@drein just to clarify, it has the same symptoms even with another screen? Try to add your piscture to your QUESTION by using this guide Adding images to an existing question


Yes, same symptoms. Screen is black but phone works!


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With it happening with two different screens it is possible that the FPC connector on the board has been damaged since it doesn't work at all now. Sometimes the new screen FPC connector can be slightly too big and cause damage, or they can come loose off the board if disconnected improperly. You could always try another screen, but I believe it would most likely be related to the connector on the board or smoother board issue.

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Thanks a lot for your answer. As far as I understand seems like it only needs some soldering in the connector part.


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