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Alarm clock that simulates the sunrise. This clock also features a radio and a USB connection. Identifiable by the model number HF3485.

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Replacement bulb for discontinued part

The halogen ligth bulb in this discontinued product died. Philips original bulb was:


SKU: 422203617921

This lamp is also discontinued. Has anyone tried a safe alternative for this lamp? Thanks

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Try Google, loads of bulbs available.


Hi, since all incandescent and halogen lamps will soon be discontinued, if they have'nt stopped being sold already, here in Europe.

A simple switch to a dimable LED? Not really, it seems. I tried, and the light goes on, but flickering the whole time, even though it states it's dimable... Any thoughts on a valid replacement bulb, preferably available in Europe? Thannks


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Did you find an answer? I have the same question!

Update (10/16/2022)

What about this at Home Depot? https://www.homedepot.ca/product/philips...

Update (10/16/2022)

Ok, just got off chat with Philips support. They have replacement bulbs at https://philips.encompass.com/item/96897... but maddeningly will not ship to Canada, so I need to buy this from Amazon.com but it's going to cost me $90 CAD: https://www.amazon.com/Replacement-PHILI...

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@edieshack for that price I'd try the Home depot one or one of these


@oldturkey03 Oh my goodness, much more reasonable, worth trying at this price at least. Thank you SO much.


@edieshack $90 is just way to much. They must think we are all rich or something. Give it a try and hope it'll work. It's a filament lamp so it should be dimmable without any issues.


The HomeDepot one would be great except that it's only 50W not 100W. I got excited thinking they had a 100W version, but I didn't look closely enough - only 10W!


@oldturkey03 OK, last comment - sorry, I'm just so happy to have your help - I found this one: https://www.bulbscanada.com/index.php?ro...


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