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Samsung's tenth flagship Galaxy phone, released in March of 2019. Shipped with Android 9.0 (Pie).

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Why does my replacement front camera not work

I have a Samsung Galaxy S10 model "SM-G973F." I had moisture get into the front camera and it fogged up, but it still works. I took the phone apart, and replaced the front camera with a front camera I bought from iFixit. Whenever I launch the front camera in the camera app I get the notification, "Camera Failed."

At first I thought maybe I got a bad camera, and replaced it through the warranty and even the second one I got has the same error.

I've tried resetting the camera apps cache, as well as the camera apps data. I've also tried booting into safe mode. I've cleared the system cache. As well as finally resorting to resetting the phone to factory settings.

All of this didn't work and I continue to get the same error.

Whenever I put the old foggy camera back in it works, but any replacement camera doesn't. I've never had this sort of issue with a repair so I was wondering if there is something I'm missing.

Thank you in advance for any help! :)

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The only time I have every experienced the "camera failed" error message was when I replaced a US model camera with an International model camera. The US and International versions of the phones have different cameras and they are not compatible with each other. It appears that iFixit only sells the US Model camera. This is notated on the back of the camera flex cable where it has the model SM-G973U, whereas the International camera should have the model number SM-G973F. Therefore I believe that the issue is most likely that the camera iFixit sells is not compatible with the International model of the Galaxy S10.

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I suspected this might be the issue, beccause as you said the camera in my phone has the SM-G973F on it and the iFixit one has SM-G973U.

But when I asked iFixit in an email and they said it should be compatible with both.

Would you be aware of where I could order a camera for an international model? (I'm not sure if asking this is against the rules or not, if it is let me know)


@araden64 I'm not sure where you could source one, but if you just google search and check the pictures of the product for the correct model number you should be able to find one.


@nicholas__kerns Thank you again, I ordered one off ebay. When I get it in a couple weeks I'll update with whether it works or not. I really appreciate the help! :)


So I finally got the new camera in and I can confirm that the international model needs an international front cam. Thanks again for all your help, I have my phone working perfectly again! :)


@araden64 Thanks for the update! Glad I could help!


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