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Apple's fourth-generation smartwatch, with optional cellular connectivity, released September 21, 2018.

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Which lcd adhesive to use

I will be replacing the battery in my series 4 and wanted to confirm the best adhesive to use when sealing the lcd back into the watch keeping full waterproofing still. I've seen people use b7000 or you can buy the precut tesa tape but I was told cold press glue is the best thing to use?

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Use the recommended adhesive strip:

Apple Watch (44 mm Series 4/5) Adhesive Strip

Apple Watch (44 mm Series 4/5) Adhesive Strip Изображение


Apple Watch (44 mm Series 4/5) Adhesive Strip


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B7000 should work just fine, but make sure to wipe off any seepage before letting it dry.

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The watch will still be fully waterproof after using b7000?


@ntec No, you shouldn't trust anything underwater after they have been repaired. If you want a bit more peace of mind, use the product in the answer from @mayer, but don't put it in water.


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