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The Galaxy A11 is a lower-midrange slate Android smartphone released by Samsung in May 2020. Identifiable by model number SM-A115 (followed by variant or carrier-specific character).

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How to use earphone type c on samsung galaxy a11?

How to use earphone type c on samsung galaxy a11?

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Why not just use the headphone port?



I took it to mean the the OP had headphones which had a USB-C connector and not a 3.5mm plug.



@jayeff I've no idea. I was confused because the phone already has a headphone port.


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You may be able to plug the USB-C earphones into the USB-C port on the phone.

I'm not sure if your model allows audio through the USB-C port or not as the user manual doesn't show all the available settings.

Go to the Settings > Developer Options > Media > Disable USB audio routing and check that it is NOT enabled.

Here's a video that shows how to get enable Developer Options.

If the Disable USB audio routing setting is not there then I think that as you obviously cannot connect USB-C headphones to the headphone jack in the phone, you would need to use a 3.5mm male to USB-C female converter (you need to convert from an analogue signal to a digital signal) and they don't seem to be available. At least I couldn't find any.

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