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Soldering is a method of connecting two pieces of metal together by melting another filler metal in between them. There are many kinds of soldering, but this article is designed to teach you the basics of electrical soldering.

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Can MG 8331S be soldered on?

I am planning to purchase the MG 8331S to repair my burnt battery connector area. Currently, the vias are exposed and I'm planning to use normal epoxy to patch the areas around the vias before using the silver conductive epoxy.

Block Image

However, I'm not sure if the MG 8331S can be soldered on after curing. A previous answer says it can be (Anyway to reattach solder pads?) while other forums and some 8331 products' datasheets it can't.

Thank you in advance.

Edit1: General area.

Block Image

Edit2: Battery Clip Connector Component (board side - female)

Block Image

Location on board:

Block Image

Block Image


Block Image

Block Image

(Flipped over the connector)

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Sorry MG 8331S is not solderable. The epoxy binder can't handle the heat and even if you manage to get a puddle it won't hold to the surface. It does offer a quick way to patch a severed trace line or offer a way to mount older head set tinsel wire to a plug.

I would use a copper foil tape to route the line if you need to solder to it.

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Thanks for your reply. When you say 'route the line', do you mean putting a copper tape on top of the silver epoxy, or just along the original pad location?

Currently, there's a concave hole into the via (the dot in the picture). I was hoping to fill the via and the concave hole to make it flat. Then could I put a copper tape over the flat silver epoxy?


@zacksg - Forget the epoxy!

Just place the copper tape down where the copper trace was and follow it back to where the copper tape can be soldered down to the current trace line.


@danj the difficult part is it's a copper via below the pad, not a trace. That's why I'm still thinking about the epoxy.

I have tried soldering on the copper vias but it doesn't keep the solder as well as original pads.


@zacksg - Lets backup here... Can you post a more expanded image so we can see things more clearly. Are you trying to tell me the tack has a Via line to the other side or inner layer of the PCB board?


@danj I'm suspecting that there are via lines to the other side. I used a multimeter to test for continuity and there was sound. The board connector SMD component (https://phoneparts.mt/product/samsung-bo...) that I'm trying to restore and the battery clip connector will form half of the circuit, and the via between the slimmer pad and the exposed 'dots' will form the other half of the circuit.


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