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Repair and disassembly information for Samsung's flagship S20 FE Android smartphone, released in October of 2020. Identified by model numbers SM-G780F or SM-G780F/DSM

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S20 keeps saying moisture detected when a non-Samsung charger is in us

I just discovered recently that when I try to charge my phone with my MacBook usb-c charger it doesn't charge but immediately says moisture is detected and stops charging. It doesn't let's me charge with any other original Samsung charger after it. The port is not not wet obviously. And it happened with 2 different Mac charger. I usually "hack" my phone. I switch it off and start changing anyway. If I simply reboot it it doesn't help. Does anyone else have this problem? Can it be fixed? I would like to use other chargers too.

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I see this happen but in most cases it happens regardless of what brand of charger is used. The charge ports tend to have this issue. Luckily it's a fairly easy fix. Replace the charge port.

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