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No longer powers on.

MegaBlast won’t turn on.

This speaker is about a year old, seen moderate use and has never exposed to water, extreme temperatures or shock.

I have tried:

  • Charging the speaker using various cables and adapters over a couple days.
  • Charging via the PowerUp dock for a couple hrs- dock indicates charge complete solid light (battery is fully charged‽)
  • Did a hard reset

I’m out of ideas… If anyone knows of a teardown or repair guide for this device they can link me, I guess my next troubleshooting steps are pull ‘er apart and check components and solder joints. Thanks in advance.

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Speaker needs disabled, and battery replaced

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@rachelembleton replace the battery and use that for further troubleshooting if necessary. Right now it sounds like a bad battery. It may accept a charge but does not hold a charge. With a new battery you will at least have a known-well starting point for further troubleshooting.

There are no iFixit guides for the battery replacement yet. You will have to peacemeal it together by using something like this as well as this video

Also, if you need any help, or if you are stuck somewhere, you can always post pictures with your question so we can try and help you further with this.

Adding images to an existing question

Take lots of pictures and once you have your battery successfully changed, use this guide https://www.ifixit.com/Guide/new to create a guide. The iFixit community will appreciate it.

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