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Casio CFX-200 released in 1983 Chromed base metal. CFX-20 Black resin with same module (not shown) Module no. 197

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How do I reinsert the Cfx-200 module?

The module for my Casio CFX-200 is not fully seated into the case so some of the buttons are not working. I see that the buttons on the sides slip and interfere with the leaf springs on the module, is there a trick to getting them out of the way?

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Can you attach pictures?


@johnftexas it'll help if we can see what and where you are stuck with it. Post some images with your QUESTION. You need to edit it and follow this guide Adding images to an existing question


How do you remove the module from the case? I need to access some sticky side buttons. Thanks in advance


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So I took it back apart to take some photos of it then I decided to try again. I used a sewing needle to reach between the module and the case to push each side button in this allowing the module to seat further in. Long story short… it’s working about as well as when I got it in 1987😀. Thanks for your rapid response and I will remember to include photos next time I have a question.


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