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Windows 11 has an all-new user interface including a new taskbar, new centered icons, window transparency, rounded corners, and a refreshed Microsoft Store.

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22h2 update not showing on brand new laptop.

The windows 11 22h2 won't show anymore on my brand new Acer laptop after some driver updates and can't find what driver it is or how to uninstall it.

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Hi @fpfp

Here's a link that may help

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Already tried most of them and didn't work.



Try the following:

Start the laptop and when it starts to boot into Windows, force stop it by holding the Power button operated until it shuts down.

Do this 3 times in a row i.e. Start > boot > force shut down > start > boot > force shut down > start > boot etc.

On the 3rd attempt it should boot into the Windows Recovery menus.

When there click on Troubleshoot > Advanced > Startup repair and follow the prompts.

Do not select "Reset this PC" because if you select the wrong option after this you can delete all your data as Windows will be reinstalled.

Once (and if) you get it working etc check that you have a restore point set. This way you can restore the PC to an earlier point in time a lot easier. Go to Control Panel > Recovery > Configure System restore and configure it for the C:\ drive as usually this is te Windows OS drive.


@jayeff I don't have any restore points as i just got it.



Once you get it working correctly activate the restore point and also make a recovery USB Go to Control panel > Recovery.

Both are very helpful if you need to fix a PC


@jayeff I just manually installed it instead.


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