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Here you will find several different repair guides for the Dell Chromebook 11 (CB1C13) - 2GB & 4GB models

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rear cover of the keyboard bent on left rear corner

Block Image

Block Image

I lent this laptop to a family member (the fans were loud before but they went on and off every five minutes then and now its constant lol) and when they gave it back the back corner was very flimsy and the entire left side of the rear casing of the keyboard is sort of cracked open, but the computer works still works fine and i have no idea how this happened as it was given back to me in this condition. I have unscrewed and re-screwed the screw on the back on, but it didn't help. does anyone have at least a guess on what is wrong?

(don't mind the crappy camera quality as my iphone 7 is broken and had to use a different device as i refuse to submit to apple trying to force people to get new iphones every year lol)

also i think it may be a pin inside knocked loose or a dent that the casing overcame but the side casing might have not and caused this pushing out of the back casing, or the battery is swelling .-.

edit i have removed the rear casing and something is wrong with the hinge in this photo .-.

Block Image

when i first unscrewed it the hinge popped out aggressively before i got to pull the cover off lol


a screw holding the hinge is loose .-.

the thing holding the screw isn't connected to the computer and where it should be is a hole straight to the bottom of the keyboard .-.

note: it only bends while its closed and closing becuase the loose screw is pushing as it does not want to close

also the fans are not loud anymore after putting case back on?????? weird lol

also when i first put the case on, the flash for the camera was on until i powered it down, does anyone know what was that about????????

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@timtomissus add some pictures of the damage to your QUESTION. that way we can see what you see Adding images to an existing question


I added the photos you requested, ask me if you need anything else :-)


all of my screw drivers are either to small or to big :(


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@timtomissus time to take it apart and to have a look at it. It won't be the battery, because that is at the front. This could more a hinge vs cover damage. Use something like this guideDell Chromebook 11 CB1C13 LCD Hinged Assembly Replacement to work on it. once you can identify more of the damage post some good pictures so we can help you further if needed.

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uh the guide says its meant for "historical purposes only" is there a updated version of this guide? or is it because its a older laptop?


also do i need to get a new lcd or something else as my lcd has no issues


@timtomissus The “archived” thing is probably because it’s and old device. You can check the device page for all guides attested to that device.

If the LCDis working as it should you’re probably not going to need a new one. Disassemble the back off it and then check what the issue could be, on the inside. Hinge, damaged plastics, etc. Take some decent (in diagnosing, quality is really! important!!) pictures of what the inside looks like, update your question with those and we can take it from there ;)


@oldturkey03 @geirandersen the entire hinge is like broke off the computer, could i use super glue to mount it back on becuase where the hinge goes is either gone or was already held by a type of glue .-.


@timtomissus most likely not. Glue will not have the tensile strength required for the hinges. Looks like a bottom case could resolve that.


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