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Epson's low-cost ink-tank printer released expressly for the 2022 holiday season.

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What is the original "real" model number for the ET-2400?

Many equipment makers who make special deals with individual retailers to promote a unit have a practice of issuing custom model numbers just for such a promotion. Sometimes these special models have a slightly tweaked feature but often the only difference is the official model number.

Is the ET-2400 a wholly unique unit or is it actually a different model just renumbered for the Walmart/Target promotion going on now? If so, what is the actual/original model number? This information would be quite useful when looking up articles and videos about the printer.

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Epson sells it direct, and it's the same model. That's not something you see a lot anyway, but I know cdw under HP (Costco, may come with full toner but X for doubt knowing HP) is fdw anywhere else.

The only difference with Epson's special SKUs like the Costco SKU is they throw an extra ink bottle or cart set but it's legitimately the same printer otherwise. I won’t buy these “special” models because I don’t have a need for Costco but if I was in the market for a used HP CLJ, I’d be fine with it saying cdw since I know I can reference the normal "fdw" model to buy my toner from Office Depot or Staples.

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Thanks for clarifying that. One reason I asked is that almost all the recent ET models have included a "Waste Ink Kit" / "Maintenance Box" replaceable component but for some odd reason Epson decided to go backwards (customer service wise) and is manufacturing this unit with a NON-user replaceable set of inkpads. That made me wonder if this was an old model being cleared out of inventory under a new model id.


@Matt Ambrose Sometimes, but it’s usually due to beancounters on those now. Yeah, I don’t use inkjets but I hope the door hits the non serviceable waste ink pads hard. It may just be a cheapened model meant for people who look at the price tag.


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