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PowerA's Gamecube Style Wireless Controller is a third party controller made for the Nintendo Switch. The controller is modelled after the beloved Gamecube controller, offering a wireless alternative to Nintendo's own controllers.

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How do I fix upward drift in the left joystick?

The left joystick will randomly drift up, sometimes a lot and sometimes a little, but nevertheless it is really annoying when I'm playing Smash Ultimate and I try to do my neutral B attack but instead it does the up B due to the drifting. How can I fix this issue? (Also this is a wired controller, I could only find the wireless one on here.)

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Hello, generally the main fix for stick drift is replacing the whole stick module, however you may want try cleaning by rubbing ips on the stick while moving it, if that didn’t fix it go forward with a disassembly and cleaning, or stick module replacement.

Happy fixing

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Do you have a link for a replacement stick module?


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