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A high-performance gaming console created by Microsoft, featuring 4K visuals. Model number: 1787

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How to drill holes through plastic without getting any boars?

I am looking to drill some holes in the plastic but how do I get a clean cut and no plastic sticking out?

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Drill slow and don’t press down too hard. Let the bit do the drilling. You may need to create a pilot hole to prevent it walking. Slowly remove the bit while still keeping it slowly rotating. Use a file to smooth the edges. But if you don’t mind me asking, why are you drilling into an Xbox?

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I need to drill in the case to keep it from overheating?


@nytryder26 Why not do it properly and take it apart and clean and repaste it? It really isn't that hard once you get your hands down into it and will actually fix the root cause.


@thequacker I did the cleaning, but Idk how to do the pasting?


@nytryder26 Drilling holes will do nothing if it is cleaned and getting proper airflow. Just follow the iFixit Guide for removal. I have removed these plates and all you need is a steady hand and a sturdy screwdriver. Though if you want to test to see if drilling will help (it won't) leave the cover off and play some games that you are experiencing overheating issues with. What part is holding you up about the dismounting procedure? Thermal paste is just pushing it out of the tube and re applying the heatsink. Look at Xbox One X Project Scorpio Edition Heat Sink Replacement please before you go through with this.


@nytryder26 iFixit has plenty of guides showing how to re-apply thermal paste. I know this is not an Xbox ;-) but same idea

PlayStation 4 Thermal Paste Replacement


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