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Samsung's tenth-generation flagship "phablet," featuring its trademark S Pen stylus. Released August 2019.

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My phone fell down and cracked hard

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My Galaxy Note 10 + fell down from the second floor and hit the floor real hard. Now the phone is cracked front and back. The phone won't turn on or charge. My PC doesn't detect it when I connect it via USB. But what is strange is that my wireless bluetooth headphones still connects to it even though it seems dead. Does this phone still have a chance to survive and be repaired? I have valuable information and data on my phone and need it. What should I do and is my phone beyond repair?

Edit: I forgot to mention that my phone doesn't vibrate from notifications, which is why I believe it's dead but my bluetooth headset still somehow connected to it. but as of right now, my headphones aren't connecting anymore so I assume the battery is now dead.

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@dragonalexander just because it seems dead does not mean it is dead. You will need the screen to enter any access code you have on your phone even when you connect via USB. I would suggest that you replace those parts that are broken to fix your phone. There is no other way of getting any data off it, unless it is fixed. Even if that is just long enough to get the data. Use these guides to replace what I think you are saying, is broken

Samsung Galaxy Note10+ Rear Cover Replacement - iFixit Repair Guide

Samsung Galaxy Note10+ Screen Replacement - iFixit Repair Guide

For any other damaged looking part, we would need to see what you encounter. Use this guide Adding images to an existing question - iFixit Repair Guide to add images to your QUESTION

iFixit Изображение


Adding images to an existing question


Очень просто

2 - 5 minutes

Galaxy Note10 Plus Rear Cover Изображение


Samsung Galaxy Note10+ Rear Cover Replacement



20 - 45 minutes

Galaxy Note10 Plus Screen Изображение


Samsung Galaxy Note10+ Screen Replacement



1 - 2 hours

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I uploaded some pictures of it. My phone hasn't vibrated from notifications since the fall as well. It's not responding to anything. The only thing that gave me an indication that my phone still has its soul was from my bluetooth headphones. But thanks on your advice. I'm looking into it right now.


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Sorry but it's going to be one expensive repair I'm afraid. Personally I'd ask any local repair shops to see if they have a screen they can temporarily connect to firstly see if there's any life and then to see if they can get the data off it for you. It's your phone so it's your choice whether to have it fixed or not.

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I know. I only have this phone because my wife insisted on getting Galaxy phones. I'm not a fan and I hate how expensive it is to repair it. That's why I was trying to see if I can do it myself because I wouldn't have to pay someone to fix it.


Do you know if there's a way tp take out the memory and use a device to transfer files out of it? Because Honestly, I'd rather use an iPhone or something else.


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