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Power steering light on

I have Mazda 3 2004 diesel. Power steering light on. When the light turns on, I turn off the engine and start again, and the light goes, but after a while, it turns on automatically again, specially when I turn the wheel al the way to the end. Do I need to change the fluid or do I need to add more fluid? I also want to know what type of fluid should I put for my car mazda 3 2004 diesel. Or is it some other issue?

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Check if the power steering fluid is the correct level and that there are no obvious leaks near the power steering fluid cylinder etc.

Here's some images form the 2004 Mazda 3 owner manual that may help.

Block Image


Block Image


Block Image

(click on image)

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What type of fluid should I add. I don’t have the book for all that information. Which is do I have to buy. Car type Mazda 3 2004 1.6 diesel


@mzemar119 Your car is like my Volvo; it uses automatic transmission fluid for the power steering. The type is circled in red on the last picture @jayeff posted; go to an auto parts store and ask for a quart of Dexron-III (say "Dexron three" transmission fluid.


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