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The T Flight Hotas 4 is a joystick controller manufactured by Thrustmaster in 2015 that is used for specific flight simulation games. Model number 4169083 is currently supported by PC and PlayStation 4.

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Z, RZ, and Slider not working after repairing a severed USB cable.

My dog had chewed through the primary USB cable for my Controller. I made two attempts at soldering the wires back together and covered each exposed wire individually with heat shrink tubing.

However in both cases, while the general flight control of the joystick, and most buttons are restored to functionality; the Slider for the Throttle and the Twisting Roll actions of the joystick are completely unresponsive. I'm am unclear on what I am missing when repairing the cable. Is it possible the aluminum insulation sleeve found under the first layer of cable covering, is a contributing factor? Any help would be appreciated.

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Was the controller connect to the console and powered on at the time the cable was chewed by the dog?

If so there may electrical damage to the components on the controller's motherboard due to the saliva from the dog's mouth creating electrical paths between the wires that are not normally there.

To prove that the cable wires are now connected correctly from end to end, open the controller and use an Ohmmeter to prove that each wire has continuity from the plug to the board.

If the cable is OK you may have to inspect the board for any obvious damage.

Here's the ifixit Thrustmaster T Flight Hotas 4 Spring Replacement guide that will help you to access the motherboard

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Thank you greatly for your advise and assistance. At least now I have more information on where and how to trouble shoot the issue. Regardless of whether I fix it or not, you're help is greatly appreciated. :)


Hey Ryan, did you ever figure this out?


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