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The Kia Rio is a subcompact car produced by the South Korean manufacturer Kia since August 2000 and now in its fourth generation.

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2012 kia rio I just replaced the radiator and fan

I have a 2012 kia rio I just replaced the radiator and fan and started it with the heat on and the radiator cap off to push the air out. I ran it for about 25 minutes and the fan never came on it is around 30 degree F is this normal for cold weather it was at ideal ? And the 2 hoses were you put the antifreeze in should the be the same temperature?

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Hi @hass1957

Don't know the vehicle or the coolant temp at which the fan has to operate but here's the engine mechanical section from the service manual that may help.

Go to p.117 to view the procedure to refill/bleed the cooling system. According to the manual the fan should come on at least 3-5 times during the procedure. There is no mention about the ambient temp but since the vehicle is stationary there would be no cooling air flowing through the radiator like when the vehicle is moving.

The radiator repair section starts on p.129, just in case you missed a step

When you ran the engine to bleed the air out did you notice the coolant "flowing" in the neck of the radiator, indicating that the thermostat had opened?

There are two fan relays in the fuse box i.e. low fan and high fan which control the speed of the fan. They are operated by the emc (engine management control unit) in the vehicle. The coolant temp sender is also connected to the emc and presumably when the coolant reaches the requisite temp, the relay would be operated to turn the fan on.

Maybe check the connections to the temperature sending unit and also the fan electrical connections

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@hass1957, what was your reason for replacing the radiator and fans in the first place?

No matter what the ambient temperature is, when the car is cold the thermostat will be closed to keep the antifreeze inside the engine block so it will warm up faster. Once the coolant in the block reaches the preset thermostat temperature (normally somewhere around 160-190 degrees F), the thermostat opens and allows the coolant to flow to the radiator. So after running for several minutes even at 30F one of the hoses should get hot; the other one will be cooler but not cold.

At 30F, the ambient air may be cold enough to cool the antifreeze sufficiently that the fans don't need to kick on, but I would expect them to eventually. Of course, we're talking about the system running in normal operation with the radiator cap sealed. If you want to accelerate the heating process, turn off the heat inside the car when you're trying to check the operation of the radiator fans.


My daughter wrecked it and the radiator and fan got damaged along with other stuff. Want to make sure this part is right before putting the everything back together. Thank you for your reply. I had the radiator cap off to leave air out I’ll try it with it on to see if the fan comes on.


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