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Display output defect if display was turned off

Hello. I experience the following issue with the display of my Fujitsu LIFEBOOK U9310 (dark colors are brighter near the center/right part of screen):

Block Image

The problem appears in 3 cases:

  1. Laptop screen was off for some time with lid closed/open
  2. Laptop was in sleep mode for some time with lid closed/open
  3. It was shut off, but this case happened only once

In all 3 cases the laptop was on charge. I don't remember having this issue when it was on battery.

The image goes back to normal in 5 minutes. The screen is not flickering when I have these artifacts.

Also, the issue appears randomly, since I don't have it every time I continue using it and turn the screen back on.

The display was once replaced before because of dead pixels. Before replacing I don't remember having this problem at all. But I didn't stumble against this issue immediately after replacement.

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Connect an external monitor (TV?) to the laptop's HDMI port and check if the same problem is seen on its screen.

If not then there's a problem with either the video cable between the motherboard and the screen or the screen in the laptop.

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The problem is seen only on laptop's built-in LCD. Could the cause of the problem be in its motherboard, by the way? Or only cable or LCD itself could be the cause?


@Саша Савинов

If the external display is OK then most likely the problem is the cable or the laptop screen.

It could be the video cable connector on the motherboard, a loose or intermittent connection perhaps but if you're going to inspect the video cable (it might be damaged where it passes through the hinge from the motherboard to the screen) you can check if the cable connection is secure.


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