now big loud pop and then nothing

Okay I've been struggling with this Vizio for 2 weeks now big loud pop and then nothing and it really wasn't a pop it was like loud and then nothing so I unplugged it plugged it back in I was able to turn it on on the back of the TV and now it's on for a while again I'll walk away it will probably shut off I'll have trouble turning it on again sometimes I can with the remote sometimes I can't sometimes I'll plug it back in again and unplug it and then it'll work again for a while this is been going on for 2 weeks

Update (12/30/2022)

Well it just turned off again and now it says no signal to TV check if the RF cable is connected and powered on and done anything different so now I'm going to unplug it plug it back in see if it comes on again and it's only been 5 minutes between when this happened before craziest thing ever

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d.munro we would need to know the model for your TV and also see the boards. Post some good pictures of all the boards with your question. This „ now it says no signal to TV“ would lead me to closely inspect the mainboard for damaged components etc.

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