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Repair guides and support for the random-access memory used in computers.

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Resoldered a resistor to DDR5 RAM, 0.29Ohm Vs 0.24Ohm, will I be okay?


I recently re-soldered a resistor from a DDR3 stick to DDR5 as when I was removing the heatsinks one came off.

I took one from random DDR3 RAM and I tested with multi meter that the original one is 0.29 Ohm and the one I replaced is 0.24Ohm. (when testing with multimeter at 20K OHMs)

The sticks work fine when I put them in a PC. They're 8000Mhz ones, of course I don't have a CPU yet that can test whether they'll run at those speeds, but in BIOS XMP shows up fine.

Trace from the resistor leads directly into the RGB light diode on the RAM.

Please see included screenshot.

Will it affect the ram at all or I shouldn't be concerned?

Its the top empty space for resistor that was missing. FYI.

Block Image

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Hello, after searching in some webpages and forums it is likely that the replacement of the resistor will not affect the performance of the RAM. However, it is important to note that replacing an electronic component with another that has a different resistance value can have unpredictable effects on the system's operation. Therefore, it is recommended to thoroughly test the RAM in different configurations and speeds before accepting that it is working correctly. In addition, it is recommended to follow the manufacturer's specifications and recommendations to avoid future problems.

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Excellent answer from Agata but I will add that since the trace from that resistor runs to the LED I'd guess it is a load resistor for the LED and it shouldn't affect the RAM at all.


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