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Find repair and detailed information for the GE Refrigerator GFE28GSK****, a French door, bottom-mounted freezer model with automatic defrost and ice maker features. This page covers information for model numbers matching the pattern GFE28GSK****.

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Why are moldy looking particles coming out of my water dispenser?

Ever since changing the filter nasty looking flakes and moldy looking flakes have been coming out of my water dispenser. GE is saying they need to send a tech out and before that I’d like to ask if anyone else has had this issue and see if there is a solution. Yes I’ve removed the faulty filter and replaced with the plug and have run vinegar thru the system multiple times with no success. Any advice is appreciated.

Update (07/08/23)


I finally ordered and have replaced the cold water reservoir. Upon removal of old reservoir it was filled up with slime/mold. The new reservoir seems to be performing great with nothing other than water coming out.

Thank you again for the advice and parts source.

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Hi @yimmygee,

You said that the water filter was faulty, how was it faulty, wasn't it filtering the water?

Have you checked the quality of the water supply connected to the refrigerator?

If you've bypassed the filter with a bypass plug then there's nothing to stop the contaminants from entering if there is a problem with the supply e.g. old pipes perhaps.

Does the ice made in the refrigerator ice maker also have flakes etc in it?

What is the model number of the refrigerator?


Hi @jayeff thank you for the reply. I should've taken a step back before posting my question.

The fridge model is: GFE28GSKKSS

Yes there are no odd flakes or moldy looking particles in the supply from any other faucet in the house.

I replaced the in fridge filter with a hydroviv remote filter and a new supply line.

There are no issues with the ice.

Thanks again for the advice.


With my GE 'fridge, I have not had your problem. But when I have changed water filters, I did notice that when I dumped the water from the old water filter into my sink, black flakes came out of the old filter. The flakes looked like carbon to me, which I think is ok, because carbon is used to absorb impurities, smells, flavors. So all I'm saying is, it might not be mold.

I agree with Jayeff, there is a small water tank inside the fridge used to provide cold water from the dispenser. It may take some time to clear any black flakes from that tank.


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Hi @yimmygee

I actually meant only the water supply outlet to the refrigerator, not the water supply in the premises in general, but since there's no problem with the ice then it's OK

Looking at the parts for your model, there is a cold water tank (part #WR17X27627) in the refrigerator, where the water is stored after it passes through the filter so that it is cooled down, so that cold water is available rather than water that is at the same temp as water straight from any faucet in the premises.

I realize that you said that you flushed the system multiple times but it still may be that the problem is emanating from there.

If you decide to check it out, here's a video that may help. If you decide to replace it, search online using the part number only (shown above) to find other suppliers that may suit you better.

GE Refrigerator Coiled Cold Water Tank - WR17X27627 Изображение


GE Refrigerator Coiled Cold Water Tank - WR17X27627


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Thanks for this @jayeff , I'm going to check it all out. Is removung and cleaning the reservoir an option or replacement the only way?



You could try removing it and then cleaning as it may be easier to get a stronger water pressure flow through it when removed or even let it soak in a tub etc. and then flush.

Flush into a tub/bucket so that you can check if there is any mould etc coming out of the tank

If still no good then you may have to replace it.

Let us know how it goes?


We are having the same issue. Even after replacing the fridge waterline, the cold water reservoir , flushing the lines with 15 gallons of water, changing the filter… any other ideas? It ran clear for about a week and then we started getting the little greyish black wispy stuff back in the water



What is the full model number of the refrigerator?

If it also has an ice dispenser what is the ice like, clear or also speckled?


Thanks so much for your reply @jayeff

GZS22IYNRHFS is the model number

I haven’t noticed it in the ice, but I don’t use ice daily so I may have just missed it. I can check to see if I noticed any in there.

After doing all of the things it is happening much less… guess I’d say intermittent and not as much is coming out as before. However it started slowly the last time too and then progressively got worse as time when on.


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