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The Samsung Galaxy A72 is a midrange USB-C smartphone released in March 2021. It offers a 90Hz Super AMOLED screen, a Snapdragon 720G chipset, and 6-8 GB RAM.

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Why is my screen Unresponsive

the device is unresponsive to touch, after a hard reset it becomes responsive but only lasts for +- 5 minutes, I did a factory reset, and it worked for yet another 5 minutes, managed to update it to the latest software but still becomes unresponsive. Has anyone experienced this before? I keep seeing guys on youtube do a hard reset then claim it's permanently solved and others changed the main Flexi cable also claiming that the Flexi is faulty from the factory. Any advice on flexi cable solution?

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Ulrich Elikana the only way to check on that flex issue would be by checking the connector and the cable (properly seated, tears etc.) itself first. After that you could try a new touchscreen which will have a new flex cable. If that does not resolve it, the issue could come from the IC on the circuit board. That would require some boardlevel repair knowledge, schematics and component placement chart etc.

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IC as in the board that holds the charging port etc? main board flex connects to it aswell. Took it to phone repair once the dude , mentioned that connections are clean aswell as flex cable.


@Ulrich Elikana let me double check with IC is responsible for the touch and if there are other components that we could test for proper function. I know there were issue with the flex and its connectors not properly making contact.


Ok.Thanks will be waiting for your feedback,


@Ulrich Elikana This does look like a Flex cable issue. It appears that this is a very common failure. I'd replace the LCD Display Main Motherboard Connect Flex Cable. something like this should work.


@oldturkey03 Thank you very much, I've placed my order for the flex cable and will give you feedback aswell, expecting it around the first week of March.


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