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Repair guides for the Pro version of the second generation of DJI's Mavic drones, released in August 2018.

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How do I fix camera shake?

The plane collided with a pilot's turn into a pole, and after that, I find a stutter in the camera from time to time, so I hope to find a way to solve this problem since the camera works

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This one is going to be hard

Most cameras have something called OIS(Optical Image Stabilisation) which is a physical mechanism that helps counter shaking in the camera it self ,the only way of fixing a issue with OIS is to replace the camera itself as it if very fragile and precise

However if possible I would try resetting the device as it could a software issue as some cameras have something called EIS(Electronic Image Stabilisation)

This stabilises the footage through software which could also be your issue

Hopefully this helps

Any questions please ask


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