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A helpful collection of toaster repair and disassembly guides.

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What could be the problem with my 2 slice toaster

I have a 2 slice Hamilton Beach toaster that is only 3 months old, it was working fine than when I pushed it down it did not stay, so I held it down and noticed 2 of the sides were not working. Knowing that it has a power magnet to hold it down when pushed, I took the case off to check the points, they looked clean but I took a fine sandpaper and went over them anyway. This did not help. I then checked voltage and I had power until I got on other side where there was another circuit board, I had power going to the circuit board, but none coming out other side, so I am guessing that one of the components on the board is bad, but how do I check? I checked this while holding it down myself.

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The toaster has a 12 month warranty. Get it replaced under warranty. That's what warranties are for.

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I took it back to Walmart and they told me it was just over 90 days and they could not do anything about it after 90 days.


@J Keef

What's the model number of the toaster?

The link I posted is from the Hamilton Beach website so I suggest that you contact them.

It may be that Walmart won't do anything but the manufacturer should.

For example, the user manual for this toaster states that there is a 1 year warranty in the USA and 5 years in Canada.

It also says:

"To make a warranty claim, do not return this appliance to the store. Please write Hamilton Beach Brands, Inc., Customer Service Department, 4421 Waterfront Dr., Glen Allen, VA 23060, or visit hamiltonbeach.com/customer-service in the U.S. or hamiltonbeach.ca/customer-service in Canada. For faster service, locate the model, type, and series numbers on your appliance".

Find your model here and select it. When the new window opens, scroll down and select "Support" and you will find the user manual which has the warranty details.

I only checked a few and they are all the same i.e at least 1 year!

Retailers can sometimes get confused with what "their" warranty is i.e. returns no questions asked, and what the manufacturer states for the product.


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