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A 15.6in laptop with an identified by model number: BoB-Wai9

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Why I cant play my fifa 23 on this laptop

my laptop can't enter the application with no problem but stuck and hang a bit in the apps but after i try to kick off (play the game) it when black and the apps was closed. i repeat the same thing and it goes like that everytime. may i know why ?

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You need to check if the laptop's hardware specifications meet the system requirements of the game.

For example, the game shows that Windows recommended memory is 12GB but the laptop specifications show that it may have either 8GB or 16GB.

Also that 100GB of storage space is required but the laptop may have only 256GB and you need to find out how much spare space is available after the OS and all your other apps have used what they need.

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the only one specification that doesnt meet the requirement with the game is graphic card, so is it possible that i change or buy a new graphic card on this laptop ? and how


@ faris adam

I don't know the laptop but looking at the specifications the laptop has integrated graphics i.e. the GPU is integrated in the CPU and usually in laptops nowadays the CPU is hard mounted on the motherboard and cannot be replaced

Here's the Ryzen 5 graphics benchmark and the Ryzen 7 (depending on which CPU you have).

Not really designed for high end gaming


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