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Released in April 2022, this 5G-capabable Moto G has a 6.8 inch 120Hz LCD display at 1080 x 2460 pixels, Qualcomm Snapdragon 695 Chipset, and wide 50 MP, ultrawide, and depth cameras. Model XT2215.

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Data / Voice connection issue

I bought a Moto G Stylus 5G 2022 ( XT2215-4 ) to fix and sell.. I replaced the display and battery and went to test everything and it would pickup WIFI but no cell signal / data. The phone detects there's a sim card but it's like it just can't read it.

So I thought it could only be 1 of 2 issues.

1: A Antenna issue or 2: The sim reader on the logic Board is faulty.

I inspected the antennas that run from the Logic Board down to the Daughter Board and they both seem to be right and the connections snug.

So I figured it must be the sim reader is faulty so I ordered a parts phone with the defects listed on the parts phone as broken display glass everything else is working..

So I swapped out the Logic Board and Daughter Board with the Antennas still attached. I go to test the phone and I still have the same dang issue with it detecting the SIM but not connecting..

I think it would be almost impossible for me to get 2 phones back to back from different people with the same exact problems..

I ran a IMEI report on both phones with my PhoneCheck account and both came back clean

But because of the problems I'm having with the device I wanted to make sure PhoneCheck wasn't miss reporting so I reached out to TMobile and they were able to confirm that the IMEI is indeed free and clear..

So next I thought the issue might be a software glitch so I put it on the computer and used

Motorola's rescue and smart assistant tool and performed a rescue on the phone but still no luck..

Would anyone happen to have any ideas?

Thanks In Advance.

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Hi Shawn, I suppose you've tried already with a different sim card from another operator. What I would try

  • first is to eliminate few variables, like if the phone can read the sim ok. I have 2 ideas: insert a sim with a PIN code active or use an app, like Zinny, where in Internet screen you can check what is the Sim Status. If the status is Not present, could be from the sim tray or contacts.
  • If the phone read the sim (Sim Status = ready), I would check if the phone detects any sell (with G Net tracker). If yes, then the antenna is working.
  • If the antenna is working, then I would check if the radio bands supported by your phone are used by your local operator (some models have the radio modems adapted to specific areas). Also Reset to Factory and checking if the APN is correct might help

Let me know if any of this helped.

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Come to find out the phone was perfectly fine. Just a network issue due to my own oversight.

It was to my understanding that TMobile phones and Metro by T-Mobile phones was sim hot swappable and didn't need to be unlocked as I have swapped them in the past many times and never had a issue.

After a few more phones that I bought all different brands like OnePlus started doing the same exact thing and I wasn't able to test them with my TMobile sim. I knew this wasn't a isolated issue.

So I reached out to a TMobile HQ connection I've made over the past year and come to find out some of TMobile and Metro Phones are sim hot swappable but however most of them nowadays are not and they still have to be unlocked.

He was able to make a B2B request and Metro pushed out the remote unlock to each IMEI so I could fully test the device before selling them.

In addition Metro sent me a shop sim so I can test their phones without wondering if it was something we did or a bad phone


Glad to hear you've found the cause and fix it :)

Good luck on selling the phones


It sold less than 24hrs later after solving the issue for $120

I typically buy 3 phones at a time if I can find 3 at the same time for a good price and it's a device that people seem to like

I fix and put them up for sale a day apart from each other and they all normally sell within 24 - 48 hrs.. So I can't keep inventory but I see that as a good problem to have..

It's just the downtime in-between waiting on parts that gets me. I try to order everything I know I'm going to need to fix the phones the same day as I buy the phones but those surprise replacements happen from time to time.

Like now I have a Moto G 5G ( XT2213-3 ) that I should have already put up for sale but I let my screwdriver slip and it hit the battery so now I'm behind 2 or 3 days while waiting on the new battery.


@Shawn That sounds like a small business. Nice :)

It seems like you know a lot about smartphone repairs. Can you please help me with something easy?

We've developed an Android app called Zinny, Phone Check, and now we are researching what features we should add next. Could you please download this app and tell me if there is a feature that would help you? Your professional opinion is always welcomed. :)


@zinnyphonetest make sure that you are not getting to "hung up" on Zinny. It may come across as spam......If you want users to be your research subject or research assistants, or if you want to do some usability testing etc. let the TPTB at iFixit know.


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