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Boosted's smaller and more affordable electric skateboard, released in 2018.

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My battery is completely dead

BAttery has been run dead have tried various ways of fixing it but going backwards, a drill rotor, and treadmill have not worked

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William Mcleod lets see what you battery looks like and the way you have it hooked up etc. Adding images to an existing question

Sure sounds interesting


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Should be a lithium ion pack inside it. If allowed to drop below a certain voltage the bmc board will not allow the battery to take any charge. Ideally you'll need a new battery.

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worst part is I did buy a new battery but it was the wrong model, then the seller ghosted me. Im just looking to get some value out of the board without spending another 300 dollars


@William Mcleod that is why it would be important to see what pack and hook up you have on this.


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