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How do I mount heat sync with thermal compound?

I am using your logic board replacement procedure (it's great!) but I am confused about remounting the heat sync. Is the blue pad under the heat sync a thermal compound? Is it reusable (mine came off completely intact.)? I bought some arctic silver 5 and read your guidelines for using it. Should I use it in conjunction with the blue pad or discard the pad and just use the compound? If I use both should I put the compound on both sides of the blue pad or just on the logic board? Thanks, photomlw

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Working on iBooks G4 I always used the same pads when they were not damaged. Never had heat issue with the units I repaired. If Apple used thermal pads, there must be a good reason. In fact I never seen a ibook with thermal paste, always thermal pads. Maybe it's because of a bigger gap between the processor top and the heatsink ??? If you decide to use the thermal paste put it a good amount to be sure the gap will be filled. Also, a good advice is: do not put too much pressure on the two heatsink nuts (with springs) when installing the heatsink to the board. The screws are fixed in solder pads under the logic board and it easy to desolder them if you torque them too much. You then have to solder them back to the board.

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There is a collection of comments and answers on this subject here if you want to read more, but my preference is to remove and discard the blue pads. The new Arctic Silver will replace it and do the job of transferring heat into the heat sink. As noted in the thermal paste guide, the underside of the heat sink and the tops of the processors should be carefully cleaned before applying the Arctic Silver.

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