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Presented at the April 2003 New York International Auto Show, for the 2004 US model year, the Prius was completely redesigned. It became a mid-size liftback, sized between the Corolla and the Camry, with redistributed mechanical and interior space significantly increasing rear-seat legroom and luggage room.

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over heating causing car to stop

what could be cause of my 2006 model prius stopping whenever the car is in traffic for long?

i realized the water coolant level never drops and before the car stops, all the warning lights on the dashboard comes on in addition to a warning noise.

this problem does not allow the a/c to function well too.

i need help please

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Hi @eddy42586,

Perhaps the quickest way to find out what's happening is to get the vehicle's OBDII port scanned with a scantool and check what diagnostic trouble (DTC) codes are shown.

Larger retail chain auto parts stores in the USA will do this for free apparently.


Comprueba las entradas de refrigeración que posee dentro del vehículo, normalmente en el asiento trasero, en el lateral izquierdo (lado pasajero), mucha gente usa fundas de asientos y tapa estas rejillas. También si transportamos animales asiduamente se suelen atorar con el pelo de estos.


Si lo ves bien, fíjate si la bomba que mueve el líquido refrigerante funciona correctamente. Puedes comprobar con la diagnosis si hay algún componente que no funcione y los valores que te da de temperatura.

Incluso puede ser que alguna sonda de temperatura esté mal y de un valor que interprete como alta temperatura cuando no sea así. Todo esto, con una máquina de diagnosis puedes comprobarlo.



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You should check for any codes. Are your fans running? If it happens when you are stopped that's where I would look first.

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Inverter cooling pump dead.
Your coolant level will be steady, but what you really need to check it's if coolant actually flow
Can be checked inside small semitransparent expansion tank close to the inverter.
More reliable way - OBDII scanner, if you see code P0A93 almost 100% pump is dead.
If you wait for inverter to cool down you can safely drive to home (not far, not fast).
But keep in mind - inverter more expansive than pump :)
So... pump: 25$ aftermarket (good for 1-2 year), 70$ original. Plenty of YouTube how-to.

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What are you calling an inverter? Haven't heard that one before in regards to the coolant system...


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