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The Samsung Galaxy A33 5G Is a Mid-Tier phone released by Samsung on April 20th, 2022.

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How to remotely disable Device Protection/Factory Reset Protection?

A friend gave away his phone to someone, and he forgot to logout his Google Account on the phone, how can my friend remotely disable Device Protection/Factory Reset Protection and logout his Google Account on the phone?

Does Samsung have their own Device Protection/Factory Reset Protection feature via the Samsung Account, if yes how can he remotely remove that as well?

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It depends how the phone was reset, if it was reset through the recovery menu then it's impossible to remove remotely as it is stored entirely on that device alone. If it was reset through the settings menu it shouldn't trigger the factory reset protection at all. Hope this helps!

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My friend only deleted all of this data and uninstalled all his apps, he did not reset the phone.

Update: They just scheduled a meetup and reset the device there.

Although I want to see if there is actually a way to remotely disable FRP, like deleting the device via Find My iPhone app disables iCloud lock remotely for Apple devices .


No, FRP lock is exclusively device based, not like Find My iPhone's cloud-based approach, which is why FRP lock is bypassable without losing functionality


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